Nature Photography: A Viewfinder’s Love Song for Mother Earth


 A shutterbug’s own way to snuggle in the warmth of nature, exhibiting to the world what lies beyond the concrete jungles; Nature Photography is admiration of Mother Earth caught in pixels and frames. Today, in the fast-paced era in which we’re breathing in toxics, a Nature Photographer is the one wearing the cape. He shows off starlit night sky, a babbling river stream, Northern Lights, unabashed chameleon, rigid mountains stretching to kiss the troposphere, and more; right through his lens.

This genre of photography captures wildlife, landscapes, trees, aquatic wonders, and the list can actually be a little long depending on photographer’s perspective and creation.


 What does it take to be a nature photographer?

  • Patience: It can take even a flash of second, a month, or even years to capture your dream shot. Volcanic eruption (from afar, duh!), or a cheating penguin ( ); such things can take time.
  • Attentiveness: Yes, the famous Cheating Penguin was caught in the act because the photographer was right there with his attentiveness. Had he been daydreaming, we wouldn’t know that penguins too cheat, and they can get beaten up too for that.
  • Fearlessness: What else you think it takes to click a close-up shot of a lion fuming with serious anger issues? Fearlessness. Zoom lens will not always come to your rescue after all.
  • Affection: A little affection in your heart will open up a new world for you. If you love nature, you can spend a lifetime capturing its essence in your camera.


Nature photographers which have made it big: The ones who inspire

Will & Matt Burrard-Lucas, Andy Rouse, Joel Sartore, Atif Saeed, Darren White and Suzi Eszterhas are some of the best nature photographers. Their work shows up the romance between a camera, and the purest form of Mother Nature.


In today’s time Discovery Channel and National Geography have set a milestone for all those who aspire to become a nature photographer. Regular photography contests are also held to appreciate their work, and also provide a platform where they show the best pieces.

Social media too is working as a tool for the aspirants to get their work famous. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are four of the main channels where the photographs can be made viral. However, it must be strong enough to catch attention. Also, smart usage of hashtags come as a bonus point always.

Having an expensive DSLR is also not a condition anymore. iPhone or in general all smartphones have great cameras that help capture the details. Even Photoshop is not something that is a requirement, Snapseed and other user-friendly photo-editing apps are helping develop masterpieces if used correctly.

 This blog post aims at spreading knowledge about Nature Photography, right from what it is, to how one can experiment with it in today’s time. Someone passionate about this can turn his/her hobby into profession, all it takes is a little dedication.


Photo Credits:
Max Rive: Netherlands (
Aaron Baggenstos: National Geographic (
Cheating Penguin :



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