Green It Is!!

We live in a world made possible by the green plants and trees. We inhale their extracts live under their shades, and eat their products but in the end we kill them for our comforts.

We have evolved for centuries but with each year passing we are just finding more ways to use wood and build real estate. To relate how dependent, we are on nature, I have photographed a series of images where the human portraits were made beautiful because of the nature.


Like photographers say or what is believed, each and every picture of yours convey a story or has a hidden defination behind it, here what I wanted to portray is that how beautiful the nature really is. It adds meaning not only to the photographs but also to the belief of “the mother nature”, it creates a feeling of home and parenting.


I would love to know what you guys think about my new portfolio on where I have posted a portfolio of the combination of humans and nature in the link below.

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