Planning Is A Must

Hey folks!

So here I am, writing again. This time through my blog I am going to be sharing my future with you all, the future of ‘Bharat Bhardwaj Photography’. Yeah, I know this all sounds very serious, but trust me planning is very important if we want to succeed in life. No matter in what field you are, if you have planned things your path ahead, is going to be a lot smoother.

So, at Durham college we were given a task to plan how we are going to market ourselves using Social Media platforms. Guys! Let’s be honest, today these social media platforms have become a great way to market your work, make it to reach to thousands of people, not only in your area but also around the world at a very low cost, and sometimes free of cost. So, this task helped me a lot in planning my professional life ahead, it made me think and identify who I consider my competition. I got to know what needs to be done and how, to make my work reach a major chunk of people. It’s very important today that we are aware of the possible mediums available to showcase our work, this planning sheet helped me to identify those mediums and also helped me to plan how can I best use them and what kind of target audience can I reach through them. I am pretty clear now how I want to take things forward from here, I have planned my next three months and have figured out the maximum number of people I want to reach through social media platforms like: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, WordPress, YouTube and Behance. I hope whoever reads my blog, my planning sheet below helps you plan out your next three to six months of what you are going to do professionally.

Also, I am making a small chase scene for one of my college assignments, we had a lot of fun shooting it. I was able to capture some behind the scenes moment for all my readers. I hope through these pictures and a short behind the scene video you can figure out what fun we had shooting it. We also did a small photoshoot for my friend in the studio, so I thought of sharing that too with all you readers.

I hope today’s blog help’s you all, because it surely helped me. I hope, I can share such experiences with you in future and we can all grow together.



You can have a look at my marketing plan here: Social Media Marketing Strategy

Find all the Behind The Scene fun here: Gallery

A Ray Of Light!!

Hey Folks!! 

So, winter is just about to end and we can see that the sun is shining bright these days. As it was a bright sunny morning, I thought of making use of it and did a small shoot for my portfolio. 

It was not a formal shoot, I decided to experiment a little and use the natural light coming through the windows and I guess it turned out to be a good one. When I was going through some of the pictures while shooting, I realized that every picture we click has a hidden meaning behind them. I realized my pictures had too, and that is, no matter how hard life is, no matter how dark the path is, there will always be a ‘Ray Of Light’ to guide you through darkness. We should not loose hope and keep moving forward. That’s the meaning my pictures had for me, it’s very important for one to connect with their pictures in order to make others understand them. 

I would like to thank my friend Cassaundra for helping me out with this shoot and being patient enough to pose for me, while I was making her move around the college. It was a nice experience, I hope to share similar experiences with my readers in future. I hope you all connect with these the same way I did. 

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Adios People!! 


Hey all you people out there! I hope everyone is having a good time reading the blogs. I hope, I am not that boring as I think I am. So, this blog is all about sharing my experience about a viral video we recently shot at Durham College (Always advertise your school, no matter what!).


So, our motive behind the viral video was to make it as funny as possible and at the same time advertise any of the product through it. As we all know that viral marketing campaigns are a hit nowadays, so this was a practice for all of us to try out. Through our video, we are trying to show that surveillance cameras are everywhere and there is no way you can escape without getting noticed.


I came up with the idea for the video, and I had some pretty amazing team members who helped me execute the idea in a proper way with the help of their skills and knowledge. We had a pretty good time shooting the video, and we laughed our way out through the entire making of the video. It’s good to work with a team that share ideas, knowledge & skills similar to yours, it makes life a lot easy. We have thought of not giving our Viral video a stop, we would continue to make some crazy stuff for the world to have a good laugh and get rid of all the stress for those 30 seconds.


So, it’s time that I end my story and you guys go watch the video which we have made. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it.


Click on the link below to go Viral:



Nature Photography: A Viewfinder’s Love Song for Mother Earth


 A shutterbug’s own way to snuggle in the warmth of nature, exhibiting to the world what lies beyond the concrete jungles; Nature Photography is admiration of Mother Earth caught in pixels and frames. Today, in the fast-paced era in which we’re breathing in toxics, a Nature Photographer is the one wearing the cape. He shows off starlit night sky, a babbling river stream, Northern Lights, unabashed chameleon, rigid mountains stretching to kiss the troposphere, and more; right through his lens.

This genre of photography captures wildlife, landscapes, trees, aquatic wonders, and the list can actually be a little long depending on photographer’s perspective and creation.


 What does it take to be a nature photographer?

  • Patience: It can take even a flash of second, a month, or even years to capture your dream shot. Volcanic eruption (from afar, duh!), or a cheating penguin ( ); such things can take time.
  • Attentiveness: Yes, the famous Cheating Penguin was caught in the act because the photographer was right there with his attentiveness. Had he been daydreaming, we wouldn’t know that penguins too cheat, and they can get beaten up too for that.
  • Fearlessness: What else you think it takes to click a close-up shot of a lion fuming with serious anger issues? Fearlessness. Zoom lens will not always come to your rescue after all.
  • Affection: A little affection in your heart will open up a new world for you. If you love nature, you can spend a lifetime capturing its essence in your camera.


Nature photographers which have made it big: The ones who inspire

Will & Matt Burrard-Lucas, Andy Rouse, Joel Sartore, Atif Saeed, Darren White and Suzi Eszterhas are some of the best nature photographers. Their work shows up the romance between a camera, and the purest form of Mother Nature.


In today’s time Discovery Channel and National Geography have set a milestone for all those who aspire to become a nature photographer. Regular photography contests are also held to appreciate their work, and also provide a platform where they show the best pieces.

Social media too is working as a tool for the aspirants to get their work famous. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are four of the main channels where the photographs can be made viral. However, it must be strong enough to catch attention. Also, smart usage of hashtags come as a bonus point always.

Having an expensive DSLR is also not a condition anymore. iPhone or in general all smartphones have great cameras that help capture the details. Even Photoshop is not something that is a requirement, Snapseed and other user-friendly photo-editing apps are helping develop masterpieces if used correctly.

 This blog post aims at spreading knowledge about Nature Photography, right from what it is, to how one can experiment with it in today’s time. Someone passionate about this can turn his/her hobby into profession, all it takes is a little dedication.


Photo Credits:
Max Rive: Netherlands (
Aaron Baggenstos: National Geographic (
Cheating Penguin :



Green It Is!!

We live in a world made possible by the green plants and trees. We inhale their extracts live under their shades, and eat their products but in the end we kill them for our comforts.

We have evolved for centuries but with each year passing we are just finding more ways to use wood and build real estate. To relate how dependent, we are on nature, I have photographed a series of images where the human portraits were made beautiful because of the nature.


Like photographers say or what is believed, each and every picture of yours convey a story or has a hidden defination behind it, here what I wanted to portray is that how beautiful the nature really is. It adds meaning not only to the photographs but also to the belief of “the mother nature”, it creates a feeling of home and parenting.


I would love to know what you guys think about my new portfolio on where I have posted a portfolio of the combination of humans and nature in the link below.

Let’s Get Started

Hey you people!


I hope everyone is having a great time! So, it’s my first blog, and i thought what a better way to introduce you all to me and my work. SnapArt, is a budding photography and cinematography venture which captures your precious moments in a snap and transform it into a piece of art, to ensure it never fades away from your memory.

You all can expect some amazing pictures in future on the blog and my official Facebook page ‘Bharat Bhardwaj Photography’, the link to which can be found at the bottom. At SnapArt, we have curated personalized portraits and portfolios for our clients. We are also into destination, specialized shoots for your special occasions, whether it is a Birthday Party, Bachelors or your Wedding!

To glance through my work, you can visit my Facebook page and feel free to book an appointment or just have a conversation to customize your shoot as, I, take client satisfaction way too seriously. To get in touch you can drop me an email at

I am in the middle of curating my best work for you! So, stay tuned and keep watching the space for more.


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