Hey all you people out there! I hope everyone is having a good time reading the blogs. I hope, I am not that boring as I think I am. So, this blog is all about sharing my experience about a viral video we recently shot at Durham College (Always advertise your school, no matter what!).


So, our motive behind the viral video was to make it as funny as possible and at the same time advertise any of the product through it. As we all know that viral marketing campaigns are a hit nowadays, so this was a practice for all of us to try out. Through our video, we are trying to show that surveillance cameras are everywhere and there is no way you can escape without getting noticed.


I came up with the idea for the video, and I had some pretty amazing team members who helped me execute the idea in a proper way with the help of their skills and knowledge. We had a pretty good time shooting the video, and we laughed our way out through the entire making of the video. It’s good to work with a team that share ideas, knowledge & skills similar to yours, it makes life a lot easy. We have thought of not giving our Viral video a stop, we would continue to make some crazy stuff for the world to have a good laugh and get rid of all the stress for those 30 seconds.


So, it’s time that I end my story and you guys go watch the video which we have made. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it.


Click on the link below to go Viral:





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