Planning Is A Must

Hey folks!

So here I am, writing again. This time through my blog I am going to be sharing my future with you all, the future of ‘Bharat Bhardwaj Photography’. Yeah, I know this all sounds very serious, but trust me planning is very important if we want to succeed in life. No matter in what field you are, if you have planned things your path ahead, is going to be a lot smoother.

So, at Durham college we were given a task to plan how we are going to market ourselves using Social Media platforms. Guys! Let’s be honest, today these social media platforms have become a great way to market your work, make it to reach to thousands of people, not only in your area but also around the world at a very low cost, and sometimes free of cost. So, this task helped me a lot in planning my professional life ahead, it made me think and identify who I consider my competition. I got to know what needs to be done and how, to make my work reach a major chunk of people. It’s very important today that we are aware of the possible mediums available to showcase our work, this planning sheet helped me to identify those mediums and also helped me to plan how can I best use them and what kind of target audience can I reach through them. I am pretty clear now how I want to take things forward from here, I have planned my next three months and have figured out the maximum number of people I want to reach through social media platforms like: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, WordPress, YouTube and Behance. I hope whoever reads my blog, my planning sheet below helps you plan out your next three to six months of what you are going to do professionally.

Also, I am making a small chase scene for one of my college assignments, we had a lot of fun shooting it. I was able to capture some behind the scenes moment for all my readers. I hope through these pictures and a short behind the scene video you can figure out what fun we had shooting it. We also did a small photoshoot for my friend in the studio, so I thought of sharing that too with all you readers.

I hope today’s blog help’s you all, because it surely helped me. I hope, I can share such experiences with you in future and we can all grow together.



You can have a look at my marketing plan here: Social Media Marketing Strategy

Find all the Behind The Scene fun here: Gallery

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