A Ray Of Light!!

Hey Folks!! 

So, winter is just about to end and we can see that the sun is shining bright these days. As it was a bright sunny morning, I thought of making use of it and did a small shoot for my portfolio. 

It was not a formal shoot, I decided to experiment a little and use the natural light coming through the windows and I guess it turned out to be a good one. When I was going through some of the pictures while shooting, I realized that every picture we click has a hidden meaning behind them. I realized my pictures had too, and that is, no matter how hard life is, no matter how dark the path is, there will always be a ‘Ray Of Light’ to guide you through darkness. We should not loose hope and keep moving forward. That’s the meaning my pictures had for me, it’s very important for one to connect with their pictures in order to make others understand them. 

I would like to thank my friend Cassaundra for helping me out with this shoot and being patient enough to pose for me, while I was making her move around the college. It was a nice experience, I hope to share similar experiences with my readers in future. I hope you all connect with these the same way I did. 

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Adios People!! 

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